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Chaz & Christine {Saint Malo's, Della Terra Mountain Chateau & Rocky Mountain National Park}

Our first meeting with Chaz and Christine was in Aspen at Maroon Bells the fall before their wedding.  The plan was to meet in the parking lot at the top of the mountain, but little did either of us know that we'd get an insane snow storm or that the ranger wouldn't let them into the park.  Anyone who's ever been there knows you have little to no cell coverage 1/2 to the entrance.  With that, Kris stayed at the parking lot while Lindsay drove to get reception.  After what seemed like forever, we were finally able to connect with them.  They jumped in our van (everyone knows what an experience that is) and we were finally on our way to do engagement photos!

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Jimmy & Courtney {Della Terra Mountain Chateau}

During the two years, we had to get to know them, we learned about who they really were, what they stood for and what was most important to them.  Their love for the people in their lives (family, friends, puppy's) and their love for adventure.  This sweet couple spent two years planning the wedding of their dreams and we can only hope we captured every moment the way they remember.

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Intimate Wedding at Black Canyon Inn {Brandon & Merissa}
Black Canyon Inn Intimate Wedding {Robert & Megan}

We're always blown away by the fact that someone quite literally picks us out of THOUSANDS of photographers online and the moment we speak we just know, they're our client.

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Brandon & Lisa {Della Terra Mountain Chateau Wedding Photography}

To Brandon and Lisa, thank you so much for trusting us with your day and allowing us to play such a small role!  The way you two love your family, friends and one another is incredible and we are truly blessed to have witnessed your day.  We pray that with each year that passes, that these images bring you back to your amazing day!!

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Philip+Shane {Devil's Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa Elopement}
Steve + Dawn {Piney River Ranch}

To Steve and Dawn, we pray that these photos bring you right back to the moments, sights and sounds of laughter.  You two were such a joy to photography and we are honored that you choose us to capture your happily ever after.  Thank you for trusting us with your amazing day.

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Jason + Nikki {YMCA of the Rockies}

To Jason and Nikki, thank you for allowing us to see the love you share with so many and the beauty that comes from that.  We are so grateful to know you and to have had the opportunity to capture your marriage.

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Mark + Lauryn {Granby Ranch}

To Mark and Lauryn, we thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your lives.  We hope you guys continue to live life to the fullest and enjoy the life long adventure of growing closer each day!

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Derek & Chessa {Devils Thumb Ranch}
Jacob + Samantha {YMCA of the Rockies}

Jacob & Samantha, we are so grateful for allowing us to capture your amazing day!  We loved getting to know you and your family and were so blessed to be welcomed into your amazing day.  Thank you for being amazing models, you two were so much fun!  We hope these photos bring you so much joy and take you right back to your incredible day!

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Snowy Spring Wedding in Estes Park {Blake & Nicole}

We hope you two had a fantastic, unforgettable time in Colorado and your dreams came true on your snowy wedding day.  We had such a wonderful time running through Rocky Mountain National Park and braving the chilly day with (mind you, we were in winter coats, so it wasn't TOO bad for us)!  ;)

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Colorado Winter Elopement {Della Terra Mountain Chateau}
Winter Princess {Della Terra Mountain Chateau Winter Wedding}

To John Mark & Stephanie.  We know what it's like to go through the incredible struggles during courtship and can tell you it's worth it.  Every tear, every battle, every setback, it's all worth it.  To see your love for one another and your commitment to God was a blessing.  We are so blessed that you choose us to capture your moments and hope that as you start the road to recovery that you're reminded daily of the incredible gift you have in each other.

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Blue Sky Resort {Summers Wedding}

To Bryan & Megan, we were so honored to get to know you so quickly.  Your joy and love for one another is contagious and your grounded faith in God is refreshing!  Love God more than one another, respect and love each other and continue enjoying life together!!

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Della Terra Mountain Chateau in August {Jordan & Tiffany}

To Jordan and Tiffany.  I've gone round and round on what to say because of the tears that fall every time I think of what Tiffany did.  As a wife, I want my husband to know that no matter what his pain is, I will feel it with him.  I want him to know that I respect his feelings, emotions, love and memories.  Tiffany, you gave Jordan something he never thought he'd have during his wedding....his best friend.  For 3 1/2 minutes, his friend was right next to him on the most important day of his life.  Remember the selflessness you showed one another on that night. When things get hard, run back to this very moment.  Thank you for allowing us to laugh, cry and enjoy every moment of your day.

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Della Terra Mountain Chateau in August {Erik & Brooke}

To Erik & Brooke, thank you for sharing your love story with us and the world.  The joy you bring to each other and those around you is something everyone should have an opportunity to see in life.  We are truly honored to have the opportunity to capture your first, forever moments and pray that this journey brings you a lifetime of love and joy.

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