Snowy Spring Wedding in Estes Park {Blake & Nicole}

When your bride wants snow, you make sure she gets snow!

In all seriousness, we spoke with Nicole and Blake 2 weeks prior to their wedding and she went on an on about "I just want snow, all I've been praying for is snow".  We let her know not to get her hopes too high since it had been in the low 80's for the last week, BUT it's Colorado, so ya never know!

Low and behold, days before her wedding we were set to get 18" in high country and boy did her dreams come true.  Not only did she get snow on the ground, on her wedding day, BUT she had snow falling from the sky all day long!

We hope you two had a fantastic, unforgettable time in Colorado and your dreams came true on your snowy wedding day.  We had such a wonderful time running through Rocky Mountain National Park and braving the chilly day with (mind you, we were in winter coats, so it wasn't TOO bad for us)!  ;)

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your day and we hope you enjoy a sneak peek!

Estes_Park_Colorado_Della_Terra 1.jpg