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Steve + Dawn {Piney River Ranch}

To Steve and Dawn, we pray that these photos bring you right back to the moments, sights and sounds of laughter.  You two were such a joy to photography and we are honored that you choose us to capture your happily ever after.  Thank you for trusting us with your amazing day.

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Derek & Chessa {Devils Thumb Ranch}
Della Terra Mountain Chateau in August {Jordan & Tiffany}

To Jordan and Tiffany.  I've gone round and round on what to say because of the tears that fall every time I think of what Tiffany did.  As a wife, I want my husband to know that no matter what his pain is, I will feel it with him.  I want him to know that I respect his feelings, emotions, love and memories.  Tiffany, you gave Jordan something he never thought he'd have during his wedding....his best friend.  For 3 1/2 minutes, his friend was right next to him on the most important day of his life.  Remember the selflessness you showed one another on that night. When things get hard, run back to this very moment.  Thank you for allowing us to laugh, cry and enjoy every moment of your day.

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Osborn Farm Wedding {Justin & Holly}

To Justin and Holly, we thank you for trusting us to capture your day.  Thank you for allowing us to witness your love for each other, your kiddos, your family and friends.  As you navigate this crazy thing called life, we pray that you continue to love the way you did on this amazing day.

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Stanley Hotel Wedding {Craig & Amanda}

Craig & Amanda, we thank you for allowing us to be there to capture moments of pure joy.  God's plan is always greater than our own and we are honored that you asked us to be there to capture your amazing memories.

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Cheyenne Mountain Resort Wedding {Brad & Jessica}

To Brad & Jessica: Jessica, the respect you show your husband is incredible.  The way you honor him, care for him and the laughter you share is amazing.  Brad, the way you look at your bride, the joy you have towards her and the way you love her, shows in everything you do.  Continue to allow your relationship to be built on Love and Respect and you'll find more joy in life than you could ever imagine possible.

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Private Cabin Breckenridge Wedding {Brian & Lucy}

To Brian & Lucy, thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your happily ever after.  Your wedding will be the NUMBER ONE wedding everyone remembers, because of what each family went through to be by your side on your day.  That tells you a lot about the love surrounding you.  Enjoy this journey, there's nothing better than sharing it with the one you love!

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