Jason + Nikki {YMCA of the Rockies}

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There are moments when you meet couples who just melt into one another when they touch.  Jason and Nikki were one of those couples.

When we met for their engagement session we knew this couple would be electric in front of the camera because there was no coaching or guidance.  They held one another, went forehead to forehead and you could see their love for one another.  The way Jason touched her, made her smile or the way she'd laugh when they joked.  

Needless to say, their wedding day was even easier to photograph.  The connection between them was so natural and genuine.  The love they have for one another, their family and friends is so deep and true that you can't help be adore them.

To Jason and Nikki, thank you for allowing us to see the love you share with so many and the beauty that comes from that.  We are so grateful to know you and to have had the opportunity to capture your marriage.  

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