Winter Princess {Della Terra Mountain Chateau Winter Wedding}

Imagine a cool crisp afternoon, incredible bright blue skies, high winds ripping through the trees.  That was John Mark & Stephanie's day.  Incredible, cold, windy, and the full feel of a Colorado winter wedding.  Stephanie stepped out of the bridal suite looking more beautiful than Mrs America!  She was stunning and everything from the dress, to the cloak and the crown was incredible.  

After battling childhood cancer, John Mark met his bride and through many trips across CA to see one another.  When I met Stephanie several months back, I was so excited to capture their wedding because of their story.  This couple has been through it all.   Cancer, death, long distant relationship for school, etc.  As their wedding day drew close, their sister emailed to let us know that while doing their final planning trip in Colorado, John Mark broke his arm while deplaning.  I couldn't believe what I was reading!!  How was this even possible?  As the details unfolded, we learned that the plate holding John Mark's cadaver bone in place, slipped and broke his arm.  There was talk of surgery before the wedding due to the severity of the injury, however the surgery would include taking bone from his leg to replace the cadaver bone in his arm.  They'd been through so much already, that getting married was the most important piece and decided to wait to have surgery.

God quickly reminded me that the enemy works so hard to separate those who are brought together by Him and this was a perfect example of the enemy's work.

To John Mark & Stephanie.  We know what it's like to go through the incredible struggles during courtship and can tell you it's worth it.  Every tear, every battle, every setback, it's all worth it. To see your love for one another and your commitment to God was a blessing.  We are so blessed that you choose us to capture your moments and hope that as you start the road to recovery that you're reminded daily of the incredible gift you have in each other.

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John Mark & Stephanie's Wedding Video