Chris + Jenni {Black Canyon Inn & Twin Owls Steakhouse}

Black_Canyon_Inn_Twin_Owls_Steakhouse_Estes_Park_Wedding_Photographer 1.jpg

Oh, how we love Chris and Jenni.  These are two of the nicest, most genuine people you could ever meet!

We first met this amazing couple in Golden where we were able to capture one of Kris' photography bucket list items which was an engagement portrait with a lightning strike in the background!  During the engagement photos, it was like hanging out with some old friends.  After seeing how well they photograph together, we were definitely excited to shoot the wedding!

The wedding day turned out to be just as amazing.  Black Canyon Inn in Estes Park is a gold mine for photographers with fall starting to creep in and some spectacular golden hour light, we were able to capture some incredible portraits willed with true laughter....oh and can you say Milky Way over the Rockies?!?!  

Chris and Jenni, thank you for being the amazing people you are.  We can't thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of your incredible wedding.  We hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Black_Canyon_Inn_Twin_Owls_Steakhouse_Estes_Park_Wedding_Photographer 6.jpg
Black_Canyon_Inn_Twin_Owls_Steakhouse_Estes_Park_Wedding_Photographer 7.jpg
Black_Canyon_Inn_Twin_Owls_Steakhouse_Estes_Park_Wedding_Photographer 9.jpg
Black_Canyon_Inn_Twin_Owls_Steakhouse_Estes_Park_Wedding_Photographer 11.jpg
Black_Canyon_Inn_Twin_Owls_Steakhouse_Estes_Park_Wedding_Photographer 14.jpg
Black_Canyon_Inn_Twin_Owls_Steakhouse_Estes_Park_Wedding_Photographer 16.jpg
Black_Canyon_Inn_Twin_Owls_Steakhouse_Estes_Park_Wedding_Photographer 17.jpg

Chris + Jenni's Video