Ryan + Lindsay {Vail Nordic Club}

When your bride's mom reaches out just a few months shy of their wedding day and say's "the venue cancelled all hotel bookings AND all events" your heart stops.  As a bride who has literally been in their shoes, my heart sank when they gave us the news.

For anyone who's been married in the fall in Colorado, you know that venues are booked 1-2 YEARS out, especially for a weekend wedding during the peak of fall leaves.  Needless to say as they scrambled to find ANY venue that could accommodate their wedding day, I honestly didn't think there would be a single location that could make it happen in just a few months.

In less than 2 weeks, not only did they have a venue, they had a newly remodeled venue and the views were UNREAL!  Vail Nordic Center had ONE Friday open for the remainder of 2017 wedding season and it just happened to be their day.  God is so good and He never ceases to amaze me in the ways He shows up in our lives.

To Ryan and Lindsay, we thank you for allowing us to be such a small part of your day.  Through the ups and downs, you two took it in stride and never allowed the obstacles to define your day.  We hope these photos bring you right back to your amazing day!!

Vail_Golf_and_Nordic_Clubhouse_Wedding_Vail_Wedding_Photographer_Kristopher_Lindsay_Photography_ 6.jpg
Vail_Golf_and_Nordic_Clubhouse_Wedding_Vail_Wedding_Photographer_Kristopher_Lindsay_Photography_ 7.jpg
Vail_Golf_and_Nordic_Clubhouse_Wedding_Vail_Wedding_Photographer_Kristopher_Lindsay_Photography_ 13.jpg
Vail_Golf_and_Nordic_Clubhouse_Wedding_Vail_Wedding_Photographer_Kristopher_Lindsay_Photography_ 16.jpg
Vail_Golf_and_Nordic_Clubhouse_Wedding_Vail_Wedding_Photographer_Kristopher_Lindsay_Photography_ 19.jpg

Ryan + Lindsay's Video