Justin + Kim {Cheyenne Mountain Country Club}

Ever had one of those experiences when you meet a new couple and it's like you've known them forever?  That's Justin and Kim.  We first met them at New Belgium Brewery last summer.  Anybody that loves a good craft beer is okay in my book.  Then we got to hear Justin's background in the military and we quickly realized that he's one of those guys that's tough as nails, but has a heart of gold.  Kim is equally as amazing and it shows with every interaction you have with her.  She's just one of those people that brings light in to every room she enters.

The wedding was already going to be amazing with a gorgeous church and the Cheyenne Mountain Country Club.  What you really can't prepare yourself for is the good old Texas hospitality and their ability to have a good time.  That was probably the most fun that I (Kris) have seen on a party bus.  I will never doubt whether Texan's know how to party... it's in their blood!

What an honor it was for us to be a part of your special day.  Thank you both for being such an example of what true love and respect represents.  We hope you enjoy the photos as much as you did the wedding day and look forward to seeing your story unfold!

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Justin + Kim's Video!