Della Terra Mountain Chateau Wedding {Chris & Lindsay}

Have you ever taken a moment to really try to understand what someone does for a living?  At times, yes and at times we just assume we know and continue on in life.  

During our consultation, Lindsay mentioned that she and Chris were in the United States Air Force and wouldn't be available prior to the wedding for a consultation, but would be able to connect via email and phone.  I never thought much of it until the day of their wedding.

During some of their portraits, we were talking about when they'd be able to take their honeymoon and they said in a year when they had some free time.  They were married on Saturday, went home on Sunday (southern Colorado) and would move to a new state on Monday.  

Yep, married and relocated all in the same weekend.  

This seemed to be the norm for several of their friends.  Some had been married for a few months and lived more than 3,000 miles from their husband/wife, some lived in the same state and others hadn't moved yet.

Truly eye opening.  As a sibling to a United States Marine, I've been on the other end when they deploy your loved one, I've had moments when we're only able to write each other, I've attend the counseling sessions for family members of deployed Marines and I've been there as the aircraft landed on US soil and you have a huge sigh of relief that they're home!!! 

They've been on our minds quite a bit since we're a military family.  There's a deep sense of pride, loyalty and admiration for those who give everything for someone they don't even know. Let that sink in, they give EVERYTHING for people they don't even know.  So powerful!!!!

When you step into marriage, you're making a life long commitment.  Chris and Lindsay not only met and fell in love at the Academy, they've made a life long commitment to each other and their country.  That's pretty amazing!

While I was researching everything that the United States Air Force does for our county, I came across a quote Lindsay gave during her time as a gymnast at the Academy:

The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs... one step at a time.
— Joe Girard

How incredibly appropriate when starting a new life as a wife and a member of the United States Military and what an incredible outlook on what it takes to be successful in all avenues of life!

To Chris and Lindsay, we thank you for allowing us to capture these amazing moments in your life and are so excited to watch you two grow.  We pray for your safety, your commitment to each other and to our country.  Thank you for your service!

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Thank you to our great team of vendors! 

Tess with Della Terra Mountain Chateau
Standing Room Only DJ, Jay Kacik
Floral Design of Europe
Bella Capelli
Jubilations Catering
Dress from Something New Boutique

Chris & Lindsay Wedding Video