Breckenridge Lodge & Spa Wedding {AJ & Veronica}

"Rain on your wedding day is good luck!!"  Something most brides don't want to hear and when there is a 90% chance of rain on your wedding, nothing you can do but enjoy the ride!  That's exactly what AJ and Ver did!

When we arrived in Breck, our optimism for no rain quickly disappeared and we immediately went to "Plan B" (get soaked, capture great photos and have fun)!  When we walked into the Chopping Block, Ver had a huge smile on her face mixed with a few nerves and we told her no matter what weather we were thrown that we'd have an amazing time, so just enjoy!  Making our way back to Breck Lodge & Spa, the clouds grew dark, the fog was heavy and you couldn't see the mountains at all.  A little nervous, we kept saying to one another "its the mountains, it'll pass in 10 and we'll have an incredible skyline."

The moment we stepped outside to do their first look, the sky opened up and it started pouring!  We handed Ver an umbrella and said "Lets go see your groom!"  At that point there wasn't anything we could do, but keep moving forward with the day and our bride and groom couldn't wipe the smiles off their face.  As Ver approached AJ, she couldn't help but laugh, AJ was getting soaked and as soon as he saw that gown, I don't think either one of them realized it was pouring!!  It was amazing!  With 30 min, we had a clear blue sky, puffy white clouds and a day to remember.

To AJ & Ver: Thank you for sharing your amazing family with us.  The respect and love you show one another is incredible and needs to be shared with so many!  Ver, the way you've welcome those sweet little ones as your own is a blessing to all.  We can't wait to see what the future holds for your family!  Again, thank you for allowing us to capture a small moment on this incredible journey of life.

AJ & Veronica's Wedding Video