Baby Ryder

I think his sweet face speaks for itself!  His little brow, sweet eyes and his little lips...

There's something about a baby that captivates a room as soon as they walk through the door.  Its that moment when all moms and grandparents are taken back to the moment they held their little one.  The moments they were so tired, they didn't know which way was up, the moment when they'd give anything to kiss those tiny lips, touch that tiny nose and simply enjoy the fleeting moments.

I truly enjoyed every aspect of those first 30 days of life, yet never realized these moments go by far quicker than I could ever dream.  

In 2 weeks, our newborn is a completely different baby.  In a month, they're awake several hours a day and by 3 months, they're holding their head up.  Sleep deprived, still trying to recover from giving birth, yet so in love that nothing in life matters more than this precious person God has entrusted us with.

Kiss their little toes a million times over, because they grow up and those little toes are walking, kicking, stomping during a tantrum and smell horrible (I'm sure it gets worse).  Love on those tiny hands, because those tiny hands will hold your face when they kiss you and run their hands through your hair or hold your finger when they're scared of the dark.  

Smell them every moment you get, love on their sweet cheeks, tiny lips and little nose.  When they say, "it goes by in the blink of an eye", they're not kidding.  These moments are gone before you know it and all you have to remember are the images and moments you spent loving them unconditionally.  

Take photos with them.  Remember how amazing you are in this moment in life.  The moment you became a mom.  The moment God gave you one of the greatest gifts in the world.

In the blink of an eye, you'll be dancing with this sweet little boy at his wedding and asking your husband "where has the time gone".  Love every single moment, of every single day, because even the hardest moments make you a better person, wife and mother.

Thank you for allowing us to capture this once in a lifetime moment.  We are so blessed to have you has friends and watch you grow into an amazing mother and family.