Mat +Jenny {Breckenridge Main Street Station Wedding}

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This incredible couple feel in love with Colorado and when Mat proposed in Vail while on vacation with Jenny's parents, they knew this was where their hearts were.

We were fortunate that our good friends, Trent & Stacie Gillespie were booked because that's how we were introduced.  After chatting with Jenni about the details of their wedding day, we were so excited they choose us to capture their day.  

In late fall of 2016, we FINALLY had a chance to meet this incredibly kind couple and immediately we fell in love.  They were so laid back, kind and respectful to one another, up for anything that included adventure, but what stood out most, they were beyond genuine.  Their love for one another is theirs and the way they speak quietly to each other, laugh when you don't even know what the other said and the pure happiness that comes when they're together is something out of a movie.

To Mat and Jenni, keep doing what you're doing.  We had so much fun, just watching you two interact.  They way you giggle and don't tell anyone what was said or the way Mat would rest into Jenni, you just look at home with one another. 

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Mat + Jenni's Wedding Video