Jay Kacik - Standing Room Only DJ

Jay - Standing Room Only DJ
Breckenridge Lodge and Spa

Her smile says it all!

Kris and I met Jay at Kris and Tiff's incredible event at The Lodge at Breckenridge in the Fall of 2014!  As we do with all new vendors we work with, I started chatting with Jay as dinner was served and Kris was setting up our ceremony flashes.  I started out asking about his business, how long he's been doing this, favorite venues, etc.  He was such a joy to speak with and had a contagious personality!

Just a few short months after meeting Jay, we had the pleasure of meeting his amazing wife who is his behind the scenes help!  Did I hear husband and wife team?  I was instantly even more in love with this business!  

Why does that matter that they're a husband/wife team?  

It shows the dedication and commitment to each other and to ensuring your family succeeds!  As hard as it is running and husband and wife business, it's so rewarding.  You work hard to encourage each other, you remind each other why you're working long hours, you're talents are different and therefore each of you has an incredible role in making your business successful!  On top of everything else, our clients become friends and it's amazing when both of us are so vested in our clients!

As a DJ, Jay was phenomenal!  For the entire 2 hours of the reception that Kris and I were there, the dance floor was packed!  So much so that Kris and I had no room to get to the middle of the crowd.  He was handed a list of DO NOT PLAY songs and told that the only circumstance that he could play those songs was a $100 honeymoon collection fee.  Not only did he stick too it, he kept it lighthearted and everyone who requested the few DO NOT PLAY songs, walked away laughing.  He's great with your guests and so easy to work with!

We are blessed to have met Jay last year and can't wait to work with him again this year!

Jay Kacik - Standing Room Only DJ 
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