Colorado Winter Elopement {Della Terra Mountain Chateau}

There's something about an elopement or small intimate wedding that just brings a smile to your face.  Saying "I Do" and getting married five months later, surrounded by your family and a few close friends while you commit to loving the person in front of you for the rest of your life.

There are moments in a wedding when the emotions are so high, you can't help but shed a tear.  The moments when the groom is doing all he can to "keep it together" or the moment when a dad holds his baby girl for the last time before becoming a wife.  Those are the moments behind why we do what we do.  This was one of those weddings where you thank God for giving you a gift that allows you to see on a daily basis what it means to love someone more than yourself.  Where God reminds you that your job is more than a job.  When we look back through a wedding, we're brought to tears all over again because you could feel how deeply a couple loves one another.

To Justin & Raine.  Thank you for allowing us a to have a glimpse into your lives.  Thank you for trusting us with your moments and thank you for reminding us to show the emotions that many try so hard to hold back.  As we look back on your day, we're brought to tears just knowing what God is doing in your hearts and what He has planned for your lives.

Justin & Raine's Wedding Video