Jeff + Ashton {Black Canyon Inn + Twin Owls}

When you're planning a spring destination wedding in one of Colorado's amazing mountain towns, you truly have to be ready for ANYTHING.  Just one week prior, Estes Park received 40" throughout the town.  We had sessions cancelled, moved, proposals that were in the air and the weekly forecast for Jeff and Ashton didn't look promising.

As they made their way to Colorado, we talked about the "what if's".  What if it rains, what if it snows, what if....

I mentioned to Ashton that IF it rains, we're up for getting soaked and as she processed it, I had a quick response of "Yeah, lets do it!"  

The day before the wedding we were at a 60% chance of rain and by morning we were down to 20%.  It sprinkled before we started, but there were no storms.  At one point Ashton said, "man I was really looking to getting a cool rain shot!!!"  Thus the awesome champaign photo her bridal party indulged in (see below)!

To Jeff & Ashton, we thank you for allowing us to capture your day and allowed us to have a small glimpse into your life.  You two have surrounded yourselves with an amazing group of friends and we were so honored to be there during such a wonderful unity.  As you continue to learn one another and grow in your love, don't be afraid of the storms.  Allow God to take control and he will make it beautiful!!!  We hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Estes_Park_Twin_Owls_Black_Canyon_Photography 4.jpg