Jamie + Gretchen {Stanley Hotel}

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The Stanley Hotel never disappoints.  Between the incredible art and breathtaking views you can't go wrong getting married at this amazing historic hotel.  

When planning the day with this sweet couple Jamie mentioned that he was sad the wedding deck was booked during the time-slot they were hoping for.  We'd be lying if we weren't a little sad as well because 2pm in Colorado is so hit and miss.  However, the clouds and weather held out just long enough for a GORGEOUS 2pm ceremony and during portraits the sky opened and it started raining!  This couple wasn't even phased by it!

To Jamie & Gretchen, thank you for allowing us to capture your day and THANK YOU for booking the 2pm slot!  The weather was AMAZING!!!  We LOVED watching the two of you take in the day and simply enjoy what was thrown at you.  Continue enjoying life and watch God gives you because even through the rain, you'll have gorgeous outcomes!

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Jamie & Gretchen's Video

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